August 25, 2023

America Place History

America Place is a commercial real estate firm with a focus on developing and managing quality warehouse and office space in Jeffersonville, IN. Since the start of the company in 1985, America Place has doubled its portfolio to a total of 2.5 million square feet. However, the history of America Place actually began long before 1985.

During World War II, the Government had a need for large amounts of storage space. They decided to build new facilities at the Quartermaster Depot in Jeffersonville, Indiana, which had been in existence since prior to the Civil War. These new buildings were expertly constructed so they could be used for a multitude of purposes. Being ‘government issued’ they also were built to be blast-proof, still evident today with their nearly impenetrable structure. The buildings, totaling more than 1,150,000 square feet, were used as needed to supply the troops.

As peace prevailed, the government no longer had use for the buildings and sold them in 1960 to Joseph E. Seagrams and Sons, Inc. The entire site was used to house and age their whiskey barrels. Jeffersonville Public Warehouse d/b/a America Place began its life in 1985 when Jim Karp purchased the remaining 26 buildings containing almost 1,000,000 square feet on 68 acres from Seagrams. From the start America Place, with its 8” thick brick walls and open-span steel girders, has been an attractive place for businesses to locate.

America Place has a proud history of providing quality buildings at competitive rates. Several of the business park units are leased to tenants that have been with us from the very beginning, and with units varying in square footage, from 5,000 to 40,000 square feet, we can continue to work with our tenants as they grow. As such, the park has been an “incubator” for many companies that have grown from small organizations to international companies.

The Business Park is currently home to over 40 tenants, employing almost 1,000 people. These tenants represent businesses ranging from woodworking to window dressing, and design to distribution. We work with each one to customize the space to accommodate their needs. America Place offers climate-controlled office environments, high amperage manufacturing and storage/distribution space.

America Place at River Ridge

In 2012 America Place expanded beyond the Business Park and now owns more than 275 acres in River Ridge. The first campus, completed in 2022, holds six warehouses ranging in size from 150,000 – 420,000 square feet. America Place has also developed office buildings within Riger Ridge and currently holds 85 acres of available space for future development and expansion.

America Place at River Ridge is currently home to 10 tenants, employing more than 2,000 people. These tenants represent pharmaceutical services, warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing. Each building was developed with the best technology and customized to each tenant’s needs.

America Place is within a day’s drive of half of the country’s population. Our close proximity to downtown Louisville, Muhammad Ali International Airport and UPS Worldport, makes us an ideal location for companies from many different industries. Our location in the state of Indiana offers businesses a lower workers compensation rate and tax structure and an easier avenue to permitting. America Place is also within the Jeffersonville Urban Enterprise Zone.

America Place is an ideal location for a wide variety of businesses. Our ability to add quality buildings with competitive rates and incomparable service cements our niche in the marketplace.

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