America Place leasing options are flexible to meet the needs of your business. Lease from 5,000 SF to 1,200,000 SF of space at 1-month to 20-year terms.

With our wide range of leasing property options we offer:

  • Industrial Leasing - with number of industrial properties available for lease/rent in the Southern Indiana and Louisville Kentucky region in our America Place Business Park and River Ridge Commerce Center Developments
  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing - offering commercial real estate leasing as well as commercial property leasing and development services throughout our Business Park and River Ridge Developments
  • Warehouse Leasing - offering warehouse leasing services of a wide range of warehouse leasing options with high-quality properties in the strategically positioned logistical markets to maximize your business operations

Advantages of Leasing

  • Preservation of Capital Leasing doesn't require a significant down payment. It frees up cash flow so you can put it to better use for other income-generating activities.
  • Flexibility Leasing helps you avoid long-term financial obligations, so your business can remain ready to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.
  • Tax Deductions Unlike mortgages which only allow you to deduct annual interest, lease payments are 100-percent tax deductible.


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