**Do you lease multiple units from America Place? If so, please call 812.288.4251 for assistance with setup and navigation**

Lease a single unit? See details below.

What is the Tenant Portal & Commercial Café?

America Place utilizes a real estate accounting system called Breeze by Yardi. Part of the software is a tenant portion called Commercial Café which allows our tenants to access information like invoices, receipts, and to pay bills without the need to send in a paper check. 

America Place and its tenants have a specific weblink to use to access this information, which we have saved on our website. The Link is located at the top-right corner of the website if viewed from a desktop, or you can expand the menu to see “Tenant Portal” if viewed from a mobile device. 

Desktop Site Menu

Mobile Site Menu

Tenant Portal Registration (Commercial Café)

When America Place adds you to the Commercial Café portal, you will receive an email with a link to set up your user. Once you set up your account/password you can login to view your tenant’s information.

Account Setup Steps:
  • Click the link in the registration email.

  • Create a password for your account on the Commercial Café registration site.

  • Read Commercial Café terms and conditions and click the checkbox. 

  • Use the Tenant Portal Link on americaplace.com.

  • Sign-in for the first time.

Tenant Portal Use and Information

Once you sign-in via the Tenant Portal link, you will see your outstanding balance (if you have one) as well as a menu that shows Lease Profile, Make Payments, Maintenance Requests, and Account Activity. 

Adding a Bank Account to make payments:
  • Before you can pay a charge, you will need to set up a bank account.

  • Select “Make Payment” menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Select “Accounts” in the top menu.

  • Select “Add Bank Account”

  • Enter the bank account information such as Bank Account Number, Routing Number, and Account Type and then press “Save.”

  • Yardi will Verify your bank account by sending a small deposit with the label “ACCTVERIFY”.

  • Once you have verified that Yardi successfully made the deposit, press the “Verify Now” Button to complete the process.

To make a Payment:
  • click on the “Make Payment” menu on the left-hand side of the screen. 

  • In your Balance heading select “Pay Now” 

  • Select the charges you want to pay.

  • Then press “Next.”

To see previous Payments:
  • Click on the “Make Payment” menu on the left side of the screen.

  • Click “Activity” on the top menu of the Make Payments screen.

  • This will display a list of activity for your unit and processed payments will be reflected in this screen.

Account Registration Screen:

Adding Payment Method & Verification Screens:

Verification Page:

Making a Payment:

Tenant Portal FAQ

Does America Place know my Password?

No, this is created by the user and can be reset by the user on the Yardi Commercial Café

Will America Place still send me invoices?

Yes, America Place will continue to send you invoices at billing time.

Will America Place see or have access to your Bank account?

No, your bank account information is stored in your Yardi Commercial Café account and America Place does not see your bank account information. 

Can I select specific lines to pay on my invoice?

Yes, you can select specific lines when you pay, and you can pay lines at any time. 

What happens if I have an employee leave that has access to the portal?

Please reach out to America Place (call or email) to let us know which employee left and if you want a replacement person to be added to the Portal.

Can I set up multiple employees on the Tenant Portal?

Yes, you may set up multiple employees to have access to the portal.